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Koimeterion Gates to Hell

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Every night Kevin would dream the same dream. Each time Kevin dreamt the same dream it seem to become more and more vivid. It was as though the dream was drawing him closer and closer until he could reach out and touch it.

The dream would start out with Kevin driving down a road on a stormy night. As his car would approach the destination Kevin would see a gate at a cemetery and some devilish looking man in a cape with blazing red eyes waving him to come in but Kevin was too scared to enter the gates.

As Kevin would push on the gas to speed off his car would stall and the devilish man in the black cape would approach Kevin's car then Kevin would wake up screaming in horror and sweating profusely. Kevin tried his best before he went to sleep not to read or watch any scary movies on the television so his mind wouldn't be fixated on that horrible dream.  Kevin was so scared of his dream that he would leave the light on in his room all night in hopes he could sleep soundly but that wasn't the case.

Kevin told himself the next time that he had this dream he would try to remember more details about the dream and write them down on paper hoping to solve this horrifying puzzle. By doing this might even find the location of the cemetery so he could face this horrifying dream head on and get his life back to normal. 

Before Kevin went to bed he drank a glass of wine in hopes this would calm his nerves so when he was dreaming this horrible dream he would feel not so scared and more in focus of his surroundings.  Just before Kevin went to bed he knelt down at the side of his bed and said a little prayer before he closed his eyes and started dreaming.

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