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Chapter 16  Calgary, Alberta

Chapter 19  Toronto, Ontario

Chapter 21  Scotland

Chapter 23  Kingston, Ontario

Chapter 1

Leaving Scotland

After my mother died, the day after she died in fact, I decided to emigrate from Scotland. I hadn’t decided where to go or exactly when I would go, nor had I decided to tell my wife and our four children. All this would come later. For the moment I was happy just to keep the secret of it to myself, and wallow in the pleasure of it without interference from family or friends. And I never shed a tear over it from that day on, not until I stood on the deck of the Stefan Batory watching the darkness fall on the coast of Cornwall and the tiny shore lights fade away behind us.

A white-coated steward approached.

Mr. Douglas…Mr. Douglas. Radio telegram, sir.”

I took the envelope, wondering who might have sent it. All the farewells were made in person on our last night in Scotland, prior to taking the train to London. It must be a mistake. I went to recall the steward but he had already departed below decks. I opened the envelope. A one line message appeared in heavy teleprinter type.

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