A Tracy Cunningham Book

Book Eight

RB Pahl

Smashwords Edition

Copyright RB Pahl 2011

All rights reserved.

cyg*net 'sig-nat n [ME sygnett, fr. MF cygne swan, fr. L cynus, cygnus, fr. Qk kyknos] (15 c): A young swan. Webster'& Ninth &qa Collegiate Dictionary. Merriam-Webster. The Ugly Duckling. Hans Christian Anderson. A cygnet. "Moi." Tracy Cunningham.

Chapter One

"EASE that freakln' pole!" I bellowed at the top of my lungs, my voice barely carrying over the clanks and clatters of a sailing yacht that was running with a bone in her teeth.

"I gotta come up! Let that sonofabitch breathe!"

I looked back, fighting my yellow foul-weather gear hood, and turned my boat towards the San Francisco waterfront, just enough to force my competition to go with me. Instantly, I felt the wham as the spinnaker pole jerked its new slack from my big crewman, easing it forward in the twenty knot apparent winds.

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