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I Love You

By Beth Connolly

Published by Beth Connolly at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Beth Connolly

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I love you…

That’s how I felt when we met. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t hate him like I hated the others. I still love him. I hugged Jay close my brown hair swishing as I moved closer to him ignoring the chill of the wind. I held onto him afraid to let go. The cold snuck into my jacket chilling my already pale arms. I had a short-sleeved shirt on under this for the first time in ages; I had expected it to be warm. I kissed his cheek glad for the closeness. I couldn’t remember the last time I had; it had been so long ago. Tears stung my eyes but didn’t fall. I tried to hold them back for a bit and was successful but I knew they would fall eventually. My reality was just too painful not to cry over. I knew this was the end. It always started with love and it always ended with goodbye. “Don’t forget me,” he said his eyes overflowing with emotion and yet not a single tear shed.

I love you…

I hugged Becca tight crinkling her brown jacket. I could barely hold myself together. Tears threatened to fall at any minute and I had the strong desire to hit myself in the head for letting myself almost cry. Men don’t cry. I sighed. I had to be strong, not just for me, but for her. I knew she was hurting. She had to be; she was in love with me. I sighed again my mouth pulling down in a frown. There was so much that was hurting us. For me it was my love for her that I could never fully understand. I loved everything about her from her long brown hair and the way she changed her hairstyle every day to the way she would grin at me if I said something funny and tell me if I did not. That was the hardest part. I knew that I loved her and that she loved me, yet she was leaving me, just like the last one. They always left, always took a piece of me with them. I’ll never be whole. “Don’t forget me,” I said my heart breaking as I watched her bright blue eyes fill with tears.

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