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Education and Academics

At the Turn of the Century

Terry Crawford Palardy

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013 Terry Crawford Palardy

All rights reserved.


This book is a compilation of the “Education and Academics Columns” that appeared semi-annually in the Phi Kappa Phi quarterly journal known first as the National Forum, and more recently as the PKP Forum. It was my pleasure to be invited to work from the year 1999 through 2002 as a regular columnist for the Forum. And I was honored to be asked to continue to contribute beyond that term. I am in debt to the editors of the Forum who assisted me in publishing these pieces. To reflect on the twentieth century and teach on into the twenty-first provided many experiences that I wish to share with you.

These columns are a reflection of what public education looked like at the turn of the century. Discussed here are the students, parents, and teachers who ride the swinging pendulum… from one extreme to another; they shift in philosophy, style and materials to meet the demands of each decade. The pendulum, or cycle, has already begun its return route; standardized testing is now the norm, and multiple computers in most homes is no longer remarkable. In my thirty years of teaching, I have experienced the full swing of the pendulum

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