The Jordan Kline Series by Stephen W. Ayers

Mossad Beirut Takeout

A Jordan Kline short story.


It was not the fact that the terrorists were about to be handed the fate that they deserved that disturbed Jordan. They surely deserved to die. They had deserved to die a long time ago but it had taken even the Mossad a great deal of time and energy to find them.

Each of the terrorists had a long and bloody file of deadly crimes that had killed scores of innocent Israelis. Said Nasra, apart from being related to the head of the Hamas, has sent the suicide bomber who had blown himself up outside a discotheque in Tel Aviv, killing twenty six teenagers out on the town for a good time. The nails and ball bearings in the suicide belt had torn through bone and flesh, leaving the teens no chance.

Abu Hamseh had taught a whole generation how to make the suicide belts, and now his students were teaching the next batch of eager learners. His time to die was also long past due, mused Jordan.

The last of the terrorists who were going to hell today was Ali Nantisi, a particularly cruel individual who had practiced his craft of torture on three Israeli and one American operatives that had been captured during an operation in Lebanon. He had literally taken them apart over two days until they finally died in excruciating agony. One of the Israelis was an old friend and colleague and this made his execution personal to Jordan.

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