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Not Even The King’s Daughter

Published by Peter Lumba at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Peter Lumba

ISBN: 9781466130289

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There once lived in a small peaceful village called Kajiji two twin brothers whose names were Pendo and Jaro. Kajiji village was in the kingdom of Tumainiland, a very beautiful country whose name was coined from one of the local languages where the word Tumaini meant ‘Hope’. So Tumainiland meant a land of hope. The landscape comprised awe-inspiring forested mountains, an impressive panorama of rolling green hills, grassy plains, blue lakes, both calm and torrential rivers, and lush meanders where glossy furred cattle and sheep grazed languidly.

Orphaned at the age of fifteen, the eighteen-year-old twin brothers had little to look ahead to. Together and alone, they lived in a small wooden, grass-thatched hut, which they desperately hoped to abandon one day for a better home. Day after day, they worked very hard in their two-acre farm that sat adjacent to a big river. This farm being the only dependable livelihood that they had inherited from their departed parents, they religiously cultivated and planted it with varied foodstuffs, ranging from corn and tubers to vegetables and fruits.

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