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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie et al)

The taxi was comfortably warm to Tom’s sunbathed skin. He had spent most of his day lounging around on the beach just outside of his apartment trying to chill his nerves about the event that was coming.

This was his sixth time now and Lucy, the event coordinator, had told him that most of the big names in the local LA circuit were coming. Tom didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

The competition would be a two heat sex match were the participants would pleasure the judges and then engage in the secret match afterwards if they ranked high enough in the first match for the judges to want to see more.

Tom knew that the competition would be strict. His first time he had been disqualified for not being properly stretched for taking a particularly large judge in his ass. The man had slapped him to the floor and sent him out in shame.

He wiggled his butt a little against the firm fabric of the taxi’s seat. He had stretched his ass to the max over the past week. A few of his clients had even mentioned how flexible his hole was and how little effort they needed to enjoy the main event. He knew that it was ready.

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