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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie et al)

Tom got off the plane. The airport was hot, but France and Paris were beautiful. He had gotten a good look at the large wide spread metropolis and had been more than impressed at what he had seen. It was a dream to be able to come all this way for an assignment. He would have to thank his director friend properly for the referral.

A short man with light brown hair and gold rimmed glasses waited for him in an expensive suit with a sign in front of him that said ‘Tom Stables’. This must be the man that he was told would pick him up: Terry Powers.

I’m Tom. You must be Terry. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The man smiled and winked.

Trust me. I’m used to it.”

Tom smiled back. The man was short and not so handsome, but when he smiled his face shone with a friendly happiness that was quite attractive. Tom wondered if he wouldn’t be able to convince this one to throw him some more of those smiles during his stay here, perhaps in the bedroom.

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