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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Tom held the cock in his hand and posed for the camera. His partner for the day was a guy named Ted that had been flown in all the way from Texas. In Tom’s opinion, holding this massive spearhead piece with its thick hairless shaft and rather large tanned bells, it was worth every damn cent.

The camera man, Jerry Leno, a famous photographer for Butt Slut magazine, and quite the hunk, snapped off a few more shots.

Ok, guys. We need something really exciting for the boys reading the mag to enjoy. How about we get Ted here to stick his dick in your ass for a bit.”

Tom stood up straight and smiled broadly. He had been gagging for an opportunity to feel this monster in his soft cushiony hole and now was his opportunity.

He quickly came around so that his butt was arched up in the air towards Ted. The man was already rock hard and Tom suspected that it had a lot to do with the fact that he had been staring at Tom’s cute ass throughout the entire shoot with a look of animal hunger. This was probably his first time seeing a LA butt whore and Tom was the best. Ted was about to have the time of his life!

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