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Editor's Note

When it comes to rape and Sexual violence against women, we are all like "Yeah, the same old problem" and I believe that the very same problem is the way we approach an issue like Rape.

It's not like any other cultural issue. In fact it's a crime still undiscovered by law although it's ruled as one of the crimes against human beings. Every moment in our lives, girls –and boys- are being raped without even being aware of what is happening to them. Every day, women in and out of their houses are being sexually abused by other or their very own partners. And still, we are like "Yeah, the same old problem".

It is not something new but it doesn't have to be something modernized either, rape and being raped.

It's not something natural and it doesn't have to be a driving force, rape and being raped.

It's not something funny and it's not to be made fun of, rape and being raped.

It's never late to make a change this big if we start changing small pieces of our world. Let's start from our heads. Let's change the way we look at Rape.


Elaheh Zohrevandi

December 2011

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