Higher Than Eagles

Peggy Webb

Copyright 2011 Peggy Webb

Cover art design 2011 Kim Van Meter

Publishing History/Bantam/Loveswept

Copyright 1989 by Peggy Webb

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition


Rachel looked good in black.

Jacob drew his coat collar up against the chill and leaned against the solid oak tree, watching her. She stood proud and elegant, her honey-colored hair twisted into a chignon and her eyes wide and green under the bit of black hat that dipped over her forehead. A single strand of pearls gleamed against the stark black of her dress.

The wind caught her scent and blew it across the packed red clay and cold stone markers. Roses. Rachel always smelled like roses.

Jacob felt as if someone were twisting a knife in his gut, probing the old pain that had been with him for six years. He’d thought he could put Rachel behind him. Heaven knew, he’d tried. The Middle East, South America, China, Africa—he’d been to them all, courting danger with the abandon of a man who had lost paradise and had no hope of regaining it.

But now, seeing Rachel beside the open grave, he knew that she would never be merely a part of his past. She was a flame inside him that refused to be extinguished.

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