A Dream Inside A Dream Of A Dreamers Dream

To The Love Of My Life

The love I have for you, is like no other love in the world.

It’s warm like a nice summer day.

It’s something that I would always want to remain the same….

To never ever, ever change…..

Not even a little bit, It just wouldn’t make sense….

To me.

It’s as delicate as a freshly picked rose,

The thorns of the vine has been cut and thrown away….

So only you could hold, touch and caress it as you may.

Yet so delicate, but as strong as an elephant.

It will crush anything in its way….

That would try to stop it from brightening you day.

It’s as free as the wind, blowing across your skin….

Giving you chills up and down your spine, time….

After time…. Again.

My love don’t even cost one yen….

It’s free for you to get in, because you promise to always love me,

Forever… And ever, to the End

{The Re-Awakening} – But still a dream

The love I have for you is like no other in the world.

As I awake from the warmth of the sun shining on my face….

I turn over only to see that it’s been you keeping me warm….

Through the night until the day.

As I reach to kiss u desire burns deep with-in you,

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