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Drac Von Stoller
Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

During the 1800's the "Planchette" was a popular game in the parlor's which consisted of a board of wood with a pencil attached and two wheels. Then the curious players would place the tips of their fingers on the board of wood and if they were lucky the spirits would guide the movement of hands creating words on the paper directly underneath the board.   Now that we know the meaning of the word Planchette this is where the story begins.

Karen Viselli and John Deadman were curious about the Legend of the Talbot family's misfortune surrounding the game Planchette that became a family tradition on stormy nights. But their family tradition was about to take a tragic turn for the worse that would cause each family member to have to pay with their own lives for conjuring up a demonic presence. Karen and John were both determined to find the Planchette game that was used at the Talbot's Mansion but no one has ever been able to find where the game may have been hidden all of those years. Legend has it that after the last Talbot family member died one of the servants at the Talbot Castle either tried to destroy the game by tossing it into the fireplace or hid it somewhere in the mansion or in the family crypt. The most bizarre thing is that each family member's body was drained of blood and their eyes were missing.

Karen said "John if we were to find the Planchette game we could stand to make a lot of money and become famous. Just think if their blood stains are on the game Wow!! That would be awesome don't you think so, John."

"Sure, that sounds great but that's not going to happen to us were never that lucky said John.

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