"Mary, stay right here. I'll find us some light and a blanket to keep you warm so we can get a better look at the place."

Kevin was able to find an old lantern to light their way through the rest of the house. As Kevin and Mary looked the room over Mary approached a painting on the wall. Mary said "Kevin come over here and look at this." As Kevin approached the painting with the lantern shining bright all of the sudden his eyes were fixated on the old Sea Captain’s eyes in the painting. Then as he gazed deeper and deeper into the old Sea Captain’s eyes Kevin became in a trance like state and acting differently, not the same Kevin that he was just minutes before he stared into the old Sea Captain’s eyes in the painting. Mary said "Look there is a name at the bottom of the painting that says Captain Bobby Jones with a date from 1845-1901.

"Mary let's go explore the rest of the house said Kevin."

Kevin and Mary went up the creaking stairs and walked along the dusty floor and through cobwebs until they stood in front of the door that led to the attic.

Kevin said "Mary let's see what's in the attic, there's probably quite a bit of antiques that I would love to see since my passion is collecting antiques." Kevin turned up the light in the lantern so the attic would shine bright as though the Sun were shining through the window. The thunder and lightning was pretty intense as though the walls of the old mansion were about to tumble to the ground. Mary was cold and about to tear up, she wanted to leave so bad but the Dead Sea Captain wasn't about to let Kevin out of his possessed state, this was the Captain's chance to live once again through possessing Kevin's body.

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