The Deadliest Snake”

A Short Story

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As a society, one of our greatest phobias is the fear of snakes. I don’t know why this is as few of us have any reason to encounter snakes in our urbanized, technological world. Still, given any top ten list of phobias, snakes will always rank in the top three.

As for me, I’m not afraid of snakes because I believed my grandmother. My grandmother always used to say, “That poor snake is more afraid of you than you are of it.”

I never questioned my grandmother, or her wisdom, but looking back over the years I’ve wondered how she knew the fear level in snakes. I did, however, witness her pick up snakes in the garden, barehanded, and toss them over the fence into the hay field telling the snake to go catch some mice. My grandmother was a brave woman.

But snakes can be deadly. When I contemplate the deadliest snake, my first thoughts jump to the rattlesnakes, which are, in actuality, members of the pit viper family. Where I live in Missouri, rattlesnakes are common, as are cottonmouth snakes, but ironically there are no known fatalities from snake bites in Missouri.

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