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What others are saying about What to Worm Your Horse With, Made Easy.

This one will save your horse's life.

Of all the equine related books available on every possible subject, as far as I am concerned, none are more important than one that will save your horses life. All supported by scientific research and end notes. So many equine books are nothing but someone's opinion, not supported by research or facts. This one is! Worms kill horses and the traditional means of deworming is not working. She talks about all the myths with deworming.... using quest with foals and horses, when to deworm depending on your climate and location, the myth about fecal counts being a good way to know whether horses have worms (wrong!), the myth about copper and many of the natural/herbal dewormers that not only don't work but some are toxic, rotation makes worms immune to the dewormers. Horses still die and they have been on regular schedules of dewormer.... you know the vet always asks, 'has this horse been wormed recently?' The answer is always yes by good horse owners and they had zero worm count in fecals, the horse dies and the autopsy's shows the horse is full of worms.

If you have a horse, if you are thinking of getting a horse, then you need to read this book and get smart on this killer. Horses are dying right now as we speak because of ignorance and because horse owners are listening to ill advised people on how to deworm their horse. The horses suffer because of our ignorance. Pick up this book and read it for your horse, you'll be amazed what you will learn. I'll be changing the way I deworm as of right now.

(Celeita Kramer

Owner, Crossed Sabers Stable

President/Executive Director, The Mountain State Horse School and Second Wind Adoption Program, Inc.)

Most Important Horse book ever

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