Angel Oracle

Nils Horn

Holy Trinity: God, Holy Spirit (holy energy) and Son (Enlightened)

Get the inspiration of the angels. They want to guide you to inner peace, love, wisdom and happiness. Interpret the oracle as makes sense for you. Find the angel you need today. Basically, the Angle oracle is a game which helps us toward positive principles of life and strategies of wisdom.

The Angle oracle book consists of 31 single oracle statements. Here they appear numbered so that they can be found via a random generator. Simply enter numbers 1 through 31 and click on generate. You can also write the oracle numbers on several small pieces of paper or create your own oracle cards, mix the cards, and then select a paper from the stack. You can print and play it with friends (left). You can download the Angel oracle as a PDF (left), send it to your friends as a christmas gift or use it as a christmas calendar.

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