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The Last Man In The War.

Raymond Daley

Copyright 9/11/94 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

I am the last one.

There are no more, only me left.

Everyone else is dead, but I am still here defending our lines against any remaining enemy that may still live. My name is Alex Ford and I am a Private-First Class in the Imperial Foot Soldiers.

I do not know who the enemy really are, they are just the "enemy". I do not know why they want this planet, or even if they really want this ball of rock over which we have spent the last year fighting. The only things I really know are how to kill, and to kill until you are killed.

I was not told what the planet was called or even where it is located in space, so I don't even know how far away from home I am going to die.

It's really hard to believe that only a year and a half ago I was just your average Joe on the street, didn't know anything about the Meg or even that a War was being fought on another planet. Hell, I was so jacked most of the time that I couldn't even remember my own name.

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