Elizabeth gazed at the opened door of her room while she shoved her right hand beneath the pillow beside her. She pulled out a small Tazer and leaped from the bed with her sight fixed on the darkness of the hall.

The sound of a low mewling noise echoed from the entrance just before a large black cat sauntered into the room.

"Bailey!" Elizabeth cried lowering the weapon in her grasp.

Bailey strutted across the room and he stopped in front of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tossed the Tazer on her bed before she bent down and picked up her cat.

"Was that you making all of that racket?" Elizabeth asked rubbing Bailey's ears.

Bailey purred in Elizabeth's arms.

The shrill ring of Elizabeth's cell phone echoed in the room.

Elizabeth placed Bailey on the bed and she gave the cat a final pat before she moved to the bedside table. She snatched up her cell and looked at the screen.

The smiling picture of her best friend Carrie Williams flashed across the phone's small monitor.

Elizabeth tapped the phone before she spoke.

"Hello Carrie," Elizabeth said.

"What's up dawg? So are you getting ready to go out bowling with Sally, Roger and me tonight?" Carrie asked.

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