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The Haunted Hearse

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Business as usual down at Dracs Funeral Home and Cemetery so they say but there was one thing wrong with this picture Dracs Funeral Home and Cemetery hasn't been in operation since old man Wethers Funeral Home and Cemetery was shut down because a brand new funeral home and cemetery was built across the street from Dracs Funeral Home and cemetery.

People would make fun of Dracs Funeral Home because it was small and musty inside and the cemetery wasn't well kept either. This really made old man Wethers upset so the old man was forced to shut the funeral home down.   Dracs Funeral Home was the only one in town so there was no other funeral home to bury their loved ones.

One day when old man Wethers was cleaning one of the tombstones at Dracs Funeral Home a hearse came speeding by and ran right over old man Wethers killing him instantly.  Old man Wethers didn't stand a chance at avoiding the situation.  The police never caught the killer because there were no eye witnesses and all that was left at the scene were tire tracks and no vehicle.  

The town was so small that they didn't have a crime scene lab that could do DNA testing and the town only had a deputy and a sheriff.  When anyone drove by Dracs boarded up funeral home at night they would see a light shining through the boards and a hearse with a ghostly figure driving the hearse. The ghost of old man Wethers would drive across the street after midnight and dig up coffins at the new funeral home that put him out of business and bring them back across the street to be buried at Dracs Funeral Home and Cemetery that hasn't been in operation for over twenty years. 

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