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A Life Changing Workout for the Elderly

Elderly muscle is highly responsive to resistance training and a regular exercise routine can greatly improve quality of life. This easy to follow 30 minute workout will strengthen your bones, joints, muscles, improve mobility, stability and burn fat all in one session.

As an elderly person, it is very hard to stay physically active. Safety, an aching body, painful joints and mobility issues may prevent participation in an exercise program. In addition joining a gym is just not suitable for the majority of people, it can be an intimidating jungle of machines with a busy, serious atmosphere.

Health and fitness is about finding what is right for your body and mind. There is no one correct answer, this book will provide a good basis from which to improve your health and discover what feels good for you.

I stress that exercise is not only suitable for the elderly but can also improve quality of life more than any other mechanism. All exercises in this book are designed to be used in the privacy of your home using only bodyweight and a resistance band, they can be adjusted to your needs as will be explained.

This exercise routine is designed to be used from 1- 3 times a week depending on your current fitness levels. Make sure to leave at least 1 or 2 days rest between workouts to allow the body to recover.

Mobility Warm Up

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