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All persons in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance that may seem to exist to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction.

Cover Art, Copyright © Barbara Macomber and Donnelleigh Mounce 2001

eBook Design, Eric M. Witchey

First trade paper edition, Copyright © Mitch Luckett 2001, Media Weavers, LLC.

Trade Paper ISBN: 0-9647212-4-4

First eBook edition, Copyright © Mitch Luckett 2011, IFD Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-4524-9979-6

Originally Printed in the United States of America


This eBook edition is dedicated to my Missouri mama, Alma, who lived a century, and once said at a family gathering, in her own inimitable way, “I got my false teeth the same day Mitchie was born, and my teeth ain’t never given me a bit of trouble.”

Special thanks go to Eric Witchey for being my Book Designer in this first eBook edition, published by Imagination Fully Dilated (IFD) Press. Had Eric not headed me off at the pass at an important juncture of my life, I would never have written this book. Special thanks also go to Jim Frey, friend and writing coach. He taught me how to write a “damn good novel.” This eBook edition would not have been possible without the generous and enthusiastic help of Janet Anthony, my Proofreader.

I thank Media Weavers, L.L.C., a Portland, Oregon publishing company that first published To Kill a Common Loon in 2001 in its paperback form. I thank Barbara Macomber, artist and friend, who created/designed the wonderful, distinctive front cover and Donnelleigh Mounce, Graphic Design Studio, L.L.C., for her artistic contribution. I thank Marlene Howard for her understanding, encouragement and faith in me. I thank Spud Howard for his good eye and kind heart.

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