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It’s always darkest before dawn . . .

Samantha returns as the powerful Slayer Maiden, but she’s undergone a few important changes. She’s reborn as a stronger, faster, and more durable Slayer yet she awakens after her rebirth disorientated and depressed. She feels betrayed by those who she trusted and loved the most, and she’s angrier than she’s ever been in her entire life.

All she can think about is . . . revenge. But vengeance is not the way of the Slayer.

She wasn’t born to hate or to be vindictive. She was born with a brave but gentle, compassionate heart. That’s why she’s the Chosen One—in more ways than she could have ever imagined. Instead of meting out punishment to those who have wronged her, she flees and decides to quit being the Slayer.

She returns to her hometown, wishing she could go back in time to when things were so much simpler for her. She wallows in sorrow, allowing her powers to fade, weakening herself as she awaits an inescapable death should her enemies find her.

But Julien finds her first.

He gives her a choice: to take up the mantle and her newly gained powers and fight as she was born to fight, or to give up, turn away from her destiny and surrender to her enemies. He leaves that choice to her, but no matter what choice she makes, he refuses to leave her side.

This second book follows her journey from disillusioned, hurt, and angry Slayer Maiden to the greatest Slayer ever born, ringing in the new era of Slayer Maidens for herself . . . and for her unborn daughter.

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