The Witch Finder General's Curse

Drac Von Stoller
Copyright 2010 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Johnny the embalmer loved his job and loved to let the towns people know he did. When Johnny was a little boy, he would hang out with his father in their morgue which had been in the family for many generations. Johnny's father never let little Johnny in on the family's dirty little secret. Johnny's father felt that now was as good of a time as any to let Johnny in on the family’s dark past since he had reached the age where his father told him.“Johnny,” his father said sternly, “I've got something to tell you that has been a secret to only our family. Whatever I tell you doesn't leave this room, or there will be grave consequences. The only way that this can be official is by a contract signed with your blood and sealed in the family crypt. Then I will show you.” Johnny adored his father and was proud to be a part of a family that was full of mystery, but he was always curious about why there was a secret past. Johnny sliced his finger with the Witch finder General's knife. The knife was used on some of the witches when the Witch finder General would go on his hunts. In 17th century Europe, witchcraft was its height. Johnny signed the agreement "Now that this is taken care of,” said his father, “Let's head on down to the family crypt."Johnny's Father placed the signed agreement in an iron safe and locked the door.

"Ok, Johnny, have a seat next to Bartholomew.”

"Who is Bartholomew?”Johnny asked.

Johnny’s father replied,"Well, let me tell you all about him. He’s an ancestor of our family that dates back to the 17th century. He was known as the Witch finder General during the reign of witches in central Europe. He was a good man that hated witches. It became an obsession of his until he met up with a witch named Sarah who he tortured, hung, and burned at the stake. The very knife that you cut your finger with is the same knife your ancestor Bartholomew used to cut witches to see what color their blood was. This story I'm about to tell you is a love story turned deadly. Bartholomew was the town’s hero. If anyone had the slightest inclination that they knew someone that might fit the description, Bartholomew the Witch finder General was called upon. He was a very religious man and couldn't understand why anyone would go against God and perform black magic. So, one day Bartholomew was hot and tired and decided to rest by an oak tree just about fifty feet from a cabin. He dosed of for about an hour. As he awoke, he looked up and there stood the most beautiful woman in the world. Bartholomew was at a loss for words and couldn't get up the courage to ask her name. The woman handed him some water and he drank it down. He thanked her and took a deep breath. “What is your name, may I ask?” “Kind sir, my name is Sarah and I live in that cabin right behind you.” He asked her if she lived alone and she said yes. She invited him in for tea and he joyfully accepted the invitation. Bartholomew followed Sarah to her cabin and sat at the table, waiting patiently for his tea. While she was in the kitchen, Sarah asked what he was doing in the area. He, of course, told her that he was on a witch hunt and had decided to take a rest by the tree. She chuckled a bit at his response and assured him there were no witches around there. Bartholomew thought this woman was too pretty to be a witch and left it at that. When he asked her if she had a man in her life, she blushed and said no, but that she could certainly use one.

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