Sarah Montgomery-McBrady- Seans’ second wife, the adoptive mother of Rachel and the owner of the Sangria Hotel.

Clan McGrue

Michael McGrue- Owner of the Highland Place Hotel. Married to Shelby Pfeiffer.

Shelby Pfeiffer-McGrue- Wife of Michael McGrue. A compulsive liar and spender, she is obsessed with money.


Leon Deathrage- Famous fashion designer. Co-host of the television show ‘Four Queens Beats A Straight’.

Part I

Sarah & Sean

What the hell is going on here?”, demanded the voice of Sean McBrady. He had just come home to the New York City penthouse, that he shared with his wife and Rachel, the daughter from his first marriage, to find his wife with another man. They were both fully dressed and sitting a respectable distance from each other on the settee, but he didn’t care. She was home alone, with another man.

Before them, on the table, was the usual assortment of photographs and fabric swatches, and the laptop computer that Leon Deathrage always brought with him when he was making a ‘house call’ for a client. He was a fashion designer. This time, the client was Sarah McBrady, the owner of the Sangria Hotel, and the wife of Sean McBrady.

The two had obviously been planning Sarah’s new wardrobe when Sean had burst in, causing both of them to jump to their feet in surprise.

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