Drac Von Stoller
Copyright 2010 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

It all began around the 15th century when a man by the name of Henry Von Schmidt's obsession for grave robbing got out of control. Henry stumbled onto a grave with a pentagram etched into the tombstone and noticed writing on the tombstone.

It read: "Whosoever desecrates Richard Valence III's final resting place will surely die!!" Henry laughed it off, "Hogwash! Some children probably wrote those words and made up a story so the townspeople would think the cemetery was haunted. They probably thought it would give them some kind of entertainment since there wasn't much excitement in this little town called 'Vampinstein.'

Legend has it that the town's name was changed to Vampinstein after an experiment went very wrong by a mad doctor called Dr. Lufenstein. According to one of the old townspeople, Dr. Lufenstein's experiments survived the fire. They were supposedly kept hidden in the home of a prominent Freemason and later passed down to a grand mason, to be locked in a vault in some unknown location. It is said that Dr. Lufenstein wanted to make a Vampire/Frankenstein-being with super human strength that would do whatever he commanded. He would call this being 'Vampinstein.'”
Henry had no idea what the ramifications of the desecration of Richard Valence III's grave would bring him. It was too late to turn back now. Henry had already dug up the grave, stole the jewels that were on the skeletal remains, and, as Henry always did, went to leave his mark by decapitating the remains with his shovel.

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