Will You Carry Me?

Raymond Daley

Copyright 18/12/11 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

Day 200, I am so tired. Almost all we know is gone. I am sure our American cousins are coping fine, guns are the best long distance defence.

We are trying to stave off the zombie apocalypse. I am certain with their relatively easy access to hand pistols and machine guns they are keeping the undead at bay. We, however are British. Guns do not abound on our sceptred isle, only criminals, police and the military have them.

And we are none of them. I am Dad, she is Carrie. That is we.

That is all we have left. That and my wits, a crowbar, a machete and a baseball bat.

My battles are chosen with care, whenever possible. Mostly that doesn't happen.

Even if the battle can't be chosen with care, the combat itself and distance between myself and my attackers is considered.

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