Famous Potatoes

a novel by

Joe Cottonwood

illustrations by

Edward Wong-Ligda

Smashwords Edition © Copyright 1978 and 2010 by Joe Cottonwood

Illustrations © Copyright 1978 and 2010 by Edward Wong-Ligda

Author's note: The two original print editions of Famous Potatoes (by No Dead Lines Press and Delta Books) contained two different sets of illustrations by Edward Wong-Ligda. With his help, I've selected the best of both editions, plus one new drawing, for this e-book edition. I’ve also reconciled some small differences in text between the two print editions and rectified a few unfortunate edits. Like the director’s cut of a movie, this is the author’s (and illustrator’s) cut of the book.

The author wishes to thank Charles Scribner's Sons for permission to quote Ernest Hemingway.

Some other places were not so good but maybe we were not so good when we were in them.

Ernest Hemingway

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