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B. Handy

Copyright B. Handy 2011

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By B. Handy

Lucy strolled through her local forest, running furred, glove-covered hands over the smooth tree trunks she passed. Spinning with glee down a wide trail, she grinned towards the midday sun. Peaceful walks such as these were a favorite. Spindly fingers brushed over her favorite dress; white with red cherries scattered abound. Skipping merrily to the end of her usual route, Lucy hummed the tune of "Old McDonald".

Coming to an abrupt halt, she looked down a small hill that lay ahead. Her eyes scanned across the horizon and eyed a field of small trees that expanded for acres into the distance. She made a rash decision and headed down the slopping hill through the rows of foreign foliage. She gave a curious look around the clearing, having never gone through this bit of property on her walks. Hearing a twig snap nearby, she turned, a long, bunny ear swaying atop her crown as she listened for the sound again. Halting her steps for a moment, she shrugged before continuing on in her wanderings.

The plants were like none she had ever seen before and had a musty and unpleasant aroma wafting through the branches. It was a smell that reminded her of Kyle, her oldest brother. Coming to a clearing in the grove, she cocked her head towards a trailer that sat in the middle, adjacent to a long shed. Walking towards the mobile home door, she hopped up the steps and gave a ginger knock.

Waiting a few seconds, she heard no sounds inside and prepared to leave when a brief pain struck her in the chest. Her eyes went wide before fading to a lifeless shade of blue. Falling from the steep steps, she hit the dirt with a resounding thud as a young man walked from the nearest pot plants, holding a scoped rifle at his side.

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