I must first bow to God before going any further (please pause).

Of God’s children my first thanks must go to Markus Wilhelm. Without his confidence in me and his determination to make it all happen, this book would still be a manuscript.

I am very, very grateful to Michelle Rapkin. Malchus (the original title) was her baby from the get go, and she took the work (and me) by the hand through every step of its publication.

I thank the ever-energetic Roger Cooper for his advice, constant encouragement, and friendship. Thanks also to my editor, Pam Strickler, a real pro who has the gift of being able to make the crooked path straight without the reader knowing it. She really had her work cut out for her and accomplished all that had to be done, and more. I am also grateful to Barbara Greenman and her staff. All they do is amaze.

I want to thank my uncle Charles Palmer for assisting my research and experience in the land of Israel and also the Gardner Scotts and staff at the Garden Tomb for their generous hospitality.

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