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Taboo Lust and Forbidden Pleasure

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Smashwords Edition

Stolen Secrets
His Big Tip

“Give met the darkest coffee you have with two shots of espresso,” he said from across the room.

Stacey smiled as she heard the familiar order. Even with her back turned and the noisy clamor of the crowded coffee shop making conversation difficult, his deep rumble cut through the chaos.

She looked up through the customers and employees and he instantly caught her eyes. She felt the familiar flutter in her stomach as she looked at him.

“Got it,” she said softly with a nod and a small smile.

He acknowledged her with a wink and she turned around to start his order.

She didn’t have to watch him to know what he would do next – she knew his movements by heart. Every day for the last year it was the same. He would make his way to his regular seat in the back of the shop, newspaper in one hand, briefcase in the other.  The women would all watch him as he walked through the crowded coffee shop and he would be completely unsurprised by the attention.  When he reached his usual table he would slide off his jacket, take out his laptop and start working. Of course, he wouldn’t get far before some woman would start to flirt with him. By the time Stacey was finished making his coffee, there would be some woman trying to join him for breakfast. It was the same every day.

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