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What reviewers are saying about Hera’s Revenge:

The premise for this mystery series is a refreshing addition to the mystery genre. The author excels at interweaving interesting historical and mythological data into the plot. This, along with her vivid visual descriptive, leaves the reader feeling as if s/he is actually touring the Greek Isles along with the group. …Yvonne Suarez is an intriguing character… The mystery is one readers will be challenged to solve, filled with twists and turns and plenty of red herrings.”

Midwest Book Reviews

Yvonne, super conscientious travel agent, plans the perfect Greek tour for her group, only to have corpses pop up almost immediately. ...Both in tone and locale—to Mary Stewart’s The Moon-Spinners. ... An abundance of red herrings ... the author’s love of Greece and her insights into a tour group’s dynamics make this light romantic suspense debut a welcome distraction for an armchair traveler. A series to watch.” —Library Journal

Embark on a good mystery and explore Greece via author Wendy Dingwall’s tale where lives and land crisscross.”

Maggie Bishop author of One Shot Too Many, her latest Appalachian mystery

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