Praise for E.J. Stevens

and From the Shadows

“E.J. Steven's From the Shadows is lyrical magic that will bring chills to your spine and a sigh to your soul. Ms.Stevens paints a vividly haunting picture of love, loss, joy, sorrow, and a myriad of emotions in between. This is a collection to be cherished by fans of poetic storytelling, who aren't afraid of the dark!”

--Lisa Phillips, author of Obsession Everlasting

“For anyone that loves dark poetry, I think you’ll love this book of poetry written by E.J. Stevens as well….there’s depth to these poems, with a story to be told in each one.”

--Gracen Miller, Moonlight Lace & Mayhem

“With From the Shadows, poetess EJ Stevens has produced a slim volume thick with dark thoughts and full of finely wrought imagery….It's a collection of pieces full of power and humor, and leaves the reader anxious to follow Stevens back into the shadows for more.”

--Andrew Valentine, author of Bitter Things

“My favorite paranormal poet.”

--Bonnie Lea Elliott, Soul Circle

“Wonderfully, strangely, darkly beautiful with powerful imagery throughout….the epitome of poetry.”

--Shannon Bailey, Bailey’s Books

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