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Book Two in the series The Relics of Nanthara by Nick. G. Giannaras

After thwarting a traitorous member’s plan to steal the crown, an overwhelming number of enemy forces surround the alliance, forcing them to flee into the bowels of Cragspeak. Their route of escape forces an encounter with a vicious band of Vorghans, towering canine bipeds dripping a most foul disposition.

Despite enduring relentless hardships and heartbreaking losses bent on crushing the alliance’s resolve, a series of unexpected clues coaxes them to continue their treacherous journey eastward into the dark realm of Rhöengard.

Their dangerous journey takes them to the ancient ruins of Griffin’s Peak whereupon they discover its dreadful guardians, a frightful Dymwren and his minions. When several of their disciples are murdered by the enemy, the Bloodfist Monks, religious outcasts known for their disciplined teachings and unrivalled battle prowess, willingly join the alliance in accomplishing their frightful task.

As Rhöengard collapses under dark rule, the alliance evades numerous enemy encounters in time to warn the gathered allies in Mhoren of a massive foulskin black tide to the north. With steely determination, Nanthara prepares for its most epic battle.

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