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2011 by Karen Wiesner

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Cover copyright © Karen Wiesner


A wild man had just walked into the salon. Though Bethany Briggs had always been shy, it had never gotten in the way of interacting with her customers. Most of her clients, however, were older ladies, professional women, or children. This man was first-glance intimidating. He was dressed in black leather pants, silver-tipped boots, and a tiger-striped vest. Maybe he hadn't seen the no shoes, no shirt, no service sign in the corner of the front door.

Setting down the supplies she was stocking her retail shelves with, Bethany straightened her skirt, then crossed the white and black checkered floor to the reception desk he leaned on. His hair was blond, long and wild. Against his dark skin, it was shockingly light. When she realized that she found him attractive, despite his wildness, she blushed. To hide it, she glanced down at the appointment book, scanning it for his name though she knew it wasn't there. "You have an appointment?" Her voice was weak with nervousness.


It required all of her courage to look up at him, only to be slammed again with his attractiveness. His eyes were a breathtaking shade of deep brown. He grinned at her as if they'd known each other forever. Blushing again, she lowered her gaze and asked quietly, "What can I do for you?"

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