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Dale, Steve

Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions. ISBN 978-1-930645-01-1

Praise for “Good Cat!”

“Good Cat is a well written and informative read for all cat lovers. Steve Dale provides knowledgeable and concise answers to questions echoed by many cat owners, along with helpful links and advice from experts in the veterinary community. The more we understand feline behavior, the better we are able to shape our home environments to be more comfortable and enriched for our feline family members. This book is loaded with ideas to help.”

—Dr. Colleen Currigan, feline veterinarian, president Board of Directors Tree House Humane Society, Chicago

“Cats are mysterious creatures, so of course we have a million questions about them. Steve Dale answers them all with his own advice, as well as the addition of sound advice from prominent experts.”

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