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Senya looked out the window and stroked Bok, her stuffed dragon. The misty afternoon sunlight dulled his gold-and-white cloth scales. She could barely see through the rain to the high-rise across the street.

Warming Demon had brought hurricanes and unending rain to Hong Kong. Senya studied the storm, wondering if she might catch a glimpse of the beast that devastated the planet.

“Are you looking for Warming Demon?” Papa asked, coming to stand beside her.

Senya nodded.

“He’s hard to see,” Papa said. “You won’t have to worry about him when we get to our new planet.”

Senya’s stomach rumbled. “Without Warming Demon, there will be plenty of food for everyone, right?”

“That’s right, kitten,” Papa said. “We’ll also have plenty of clean water to drink. You and Bok won’t have to worry about getting sick every time you go outside.”

“Bok doesn’t get sick,” she said. “He has invisible armor protecting him from sickness.”

“But little girls don’t have any armor against disease.” Papa rubbed his eyes, something he did when he didn’t get enough sleep. “That’s why we must escape while we still can.”

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