Thanks to editor and friend, fantasy author T.C. Southwell, for editing this manuscript on such short notice.


There are myriad theories regarding December 21, 2012 – most are typical doom and gloom talk; others predict enlightenment and a nicer world. I promote none of these theories specifically, but I do believe that all the signs point towards something major happening. While most of the ancient predictions speak of the world as we know it, not the world, ending, this doesn’t necessarily mean that most – or any – of us will survive. The Earth will probably still be around after December 21, 2012, but will the human race?

For those who aren’t familiar with the 2012 predictions, I’ve included a chapter detailing the various theories and predictions about what may occur on this infamous date, and a chapter on the various signs of potential cataclysm – you make up your mind about whether or not we should be concerned. I believe the world as we know it will cease to exist and a new world will emerge. Good or bad, we need to prepare ourselves mentally and otherwise for any eventuality. Mental preparedness is often more difficult than physical preparations, especially if one is unsure of what changes – if any – will take place. Just know that you may very well need to adjust your mindset and possibly even your opinions on some things.

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