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Serpent of Time

A novel


Eugene Woodbury

Copyright © 2011 by Eugene Woodbury. All rights reserved. Published in the United States of America by Peaks Island Press. Smashwords edition. Cover art by Chaoss Photography. Cover design by Eugene Woodbury. Edited by Katherine Woodbury.

All names follow Japanese convention, with the surname given first. Romanization is according to modified Hepburn. Long and double vowels are indicated by a macron or circumflex.

Chapter 1

Serpent in the Storm

Princess Ryô traveled by palanquin to Hikone Castle on Lake Biwa. She was accompanied by Sen, her lady-in-waiting, a handful of attendants, and a company of mounted samurai.

The soldiers were not there to protect her. They were there to remind her that she was the last child of the last emperor of the defeated Southern Court. She could go nowhere and do nothing without the permission of the Ashikaga shogun.

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