All Jacked Up

L.A. Tripp

Published by Page Turners Publishing LLC

Copyright 2011 L.A. Tripp

Smashwords Edition

“Oh, to be an outsider!”

They always say outsiders thrive more than the in-crowd, right?

I haven’t been exactly convinced of that yet. My name’s Jack, and I’ve been striving to achieve my dreams since, well, since middle school.

I did have a lemonade stand at one time. Thought I’d be the lemonade king of the world. That lasted, oh, about a day. I sold one entire glass of lemonade and then a couple of neighbors felt sorry for me and bought half a glass. I mean, I only charged fifty cents per glass. So they scraped together a quarter and chipped in for half.

One failed business venture under my belt at the ripe old age of 13. This was my entrance into the awesome teenage years.

Being a teenager, now that was a learning experience.

“Meet me under the pine tree behind the school at three, right after the bell rings,” Mandy whispered to me in science class one day.

See, we’d been passing notes for a couple of days. I had asked her friends if she liked me; she had asked my friends if I liked her. You know how high school is. It’s forbidden to go directly to the person you like and ask. That’s like...D-day.

Well, there was one exception. She did ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

She had me flying high from that. I felt invincible. Then she asked me to meet her outside after school. I could only imagine what nice surprise was in store from this cutie.

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