What Readers Like You Say About The WYLDE Saga

Great book. Like every other book he has written, Marcus Wynne knows his stuff. Everyone says so, and for those in the know…it shows. In retrospect this book felt like a "neo noir" detective story, which was really enjoyable...the narrative maintains a linear run, while a jump in perspective provides the viewpoint or distilled thoughts of other disembodied characters in a way I’ve only seen a few times before. This added an effectively frenetic feel to the story, which actually served to enhance the mood and tone of the writing...These aren’t your “sanctioned” operatives, clean cut, by-the-book former agents, cops or operators. Nope, these are the “on the fringe” folks. This novel plays by its own rules. Down and dirty, high speed, low drag hustlin’ is where it’s at…and this book has it in spades.

BG Lefevre

[His novels]...are packed with accurate, real-world tactical insights unlike what you'll find in the pages of any grocery store shelf novel...I can say that Wynne's grasp of edged weapons combatives and their real world application is unparalleled. While many have drawn parallels to the writing of David Morell and others, there really is no comparison: Wynne is a much better writer and his grasp of human nature, the CIA spook world, and reality based combatives is top-notch.

Rod Freeman

I think this is Wynne's best work. The setting is a palpable thing, and the characterization is fantastic. Wynne paints the picture of a world very different from his previous works.

Linda Cormier

Marcus Wynne's new book Johnny Wylde is the beginning of a new series with a new cast of characters and ruffians....imagine a pulp fiction novel combined with the feel of a film noir but with the action of a Jason Bourne movie. Marcus' skill is evident not just in his descriptions of gunplay and violence but with an introspectiveness that brings his characters to life and draws the reader in. From the stripper who quotes Buddha and Miyamoto Musashi with ease, to the lady cop with her Glock .45 and the sunny SoCal assassin who likes her sharp knives, you will be left wanting more. If you've read Marcus' previous works, you will enjoy Johnny Wylde. If this is your first time with Marcus, grab a cup of your favorite poison, get comfortable and hang on for the ride because you're not going to get any work done.

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