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When God Whispers Loudly

Published by Chris Hibbard at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Chris Hibbard

Smashwords Edition

He was late, rushing to his daughter’s piano recital from a job that took all his strength to leave while it was still daylight. Driving just a little over should get him to the recital before his daughter finished playing.

Earlier the same day, he found he’d been passed over for a promotion. Worse yet, it had been given to a man ten years his junior. His new boss was the man in his office he least respected, and in his mind, least deserved the job. As if it were related, he felt disappointed his commitment to his family hadn’t affected his children the way he’d hoped. In reality, he was angry it cost him his dream job.

The winding road on his route led him past an empty field before a sharp turn and a sign which read CAUTION.

“Why, God?” he prayed, his brow set firm. He thought of his wife’s email, reminding him to leave work early for yet another of his children’s activities. “Why do I have to sacrifice everything, and she only asks for more?” He knew it was reactionary and selfish, but for the moment he allowed his anger to lead him just the same.

As he sped around the corner, he prayed he wouldn’t have to go to work the next day and see his new boss—the weasel—sitting in the office he deserved. The road was wet and he crept into the opposing lane—and as his did, he faced an oncoming lumber truck which had also crossed the center line.

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