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Will the Soccer Star

By Jane Gilgun

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 by Jane Gilgun

The last few seconds of the soccer game. The score is tied. Will does a fake and then shoots the ball to Roz, who scores. Roz and Will are heroes. At the next game, Will thinks the other team is talking about his twitching eye and rolling shoulder. They really are talking about the play he made with Roz. Will learns that everyone has vulnerabilities. Kids who don’t get it need someone to talk to. They’ve got issues and are not cool.

About the Author

See Jane Gilgun’s other children’s stories, articles, and books on Jane is a professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.


Five seconds to go in the soccer game, the Eagles against the Rockets. No score. Crowds on both sides of the field screamed, “Go. Go. Go” People blew car horns. Little kids whirled noise makers. Coaches ran up and down the sidelines, yelling orders and encouragement to the players.

The Rockets forward Will Garnett dribbled toward the goal. His legs moved so fast they were a blur. Only he could hear the soft, swift nudges he gave the ball as he raced down the field. Will wasn’t thinking about his eye and shoulder. He was thinking about how to score the winning goal.

Two Eagle fullbacks with their heads butted forward ran back and forth in front of the goal. The Eagle goalie stood ready, arms raised, knees bent, and legs shoulder-length apart. He looked mean enough to bite.

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