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Legends of the Saloli: Vengeance and Mercy

By Adam Bolander

Copyright 2011, Adam Bolander

Smashwords Edition

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The full moon hovered above the dark forest like a graceful guardian, seeing everything that went on within the wooden monoliths. Rust stood on one of the topmost branches of his personal tree, his tribe’s prophet, Faith, standing beside him. He cast his gaze around his sleeping tribe. Apart from the occasional leaving or returning patrol, of which there was an ever increasing amount, no saloli stirred. The sight warmed his heart. This was his tribe, and he was very proud of them. Each saloli had their own specific flaws and perfections, and he would not change a single one of them. He then cast his gaze upwards, towards the moon. All these elements put together gave the illusion of peace. A nice, cozy forest where nothing could possibly go wrong.

Rust, however, knew the truth. There was a war raging in these woods. The tribe of Darkcover had risen from their shadowy territory to expand their domain over the entire forest. What’s worse, they were now being led by who could quite possibly be the wickedest creature within the trees’ borders, the giant saloli named Goliath. Thinking back, Rust shivered. Two years ago, Goliath had almost risen to power. It was by the will of Valde Abbas alone that the four tribes still existed as they did. Rust shook his head sadly. The Blood Way should have been abolished long ago. It was only because of his race’s stubbornness that it had not.

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