Glossary and Names

Shadow of a Memory

About the Author, the Artist, and GURPS


Kaa – Not a Kintaran word. Kaa are a snake-like reptilian race: raiders, slavers, and pirates (technically "privateers" of the Kaa Empire) at the fringes of "civilized space." They eat sapient species – including other Kaa. To Kintarans, they smell delicious.

KSAI – a date, measured in years since the fall of the Kintara Station Consortium and the reign of its current Wahn.

Merfah – a rabbit-sized, warm-blooded, scaled, egg-laying, six-legged marsupial, native to Kintara. Yummy to Kintarans.

Sida – Bane, or "terror."

Sparrial – Not a Kintaran word. Sparrials are a furred, bipedal alien race with a wedge-shaped head, stereotypically over-represented among thieves, smugglers, and anarchists.

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