Dreamwords Book One started life as the podcast novel, Tom Corven.

This is what people said about it:

Listening to Story's soft Scottish brogue telling you his tale through the computer is a hypnotic experience, and there is also a curious, child-like excitement that comes from having a story arrive on your computer, as if by magic, in bite-sized chunks - Michelle Pauli (Guardian) - (Talking of the audiobook).


Wow, am I enjoying your novel so far! From one writer to another, hats off to you, sir. Your tale's a bit creepy, a bit sad, with hints of madness and romance, a good mystery to boot-- all my favorite things. I really look forward to setting aside my own labors every couple of days, to listen to the fruits of yours. Good luck with this! - Diane Ademu-John: Producer/Scriptwriter/Story Editor (Medium, Crossing Jordan, Missing)


Your audio book, Tom Corven , is both extremely well written and narrated by yourself. It has been a long time since I have experienced an author who can weave words together with such skill and poise. You should (if you haven't already) seriously consider selling your work. You are sure to become a 21st Century Classic Novelist

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