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Yes, Piranha, There Is A Manta Claus


Roger Dale Trexler

Originally published in A VISIT WITH THE SHORTS, ©1988 Annihilation Press.

This edition ©2011 Roger Dale Trexler.

The headmaster guided the school of piranhas into what had once been a house that humans lived in. It was a small home, its occupancy perhaps consisting of only a father, a mother, and, maybe, a child. No more than that, undoubtedly. He guided his wide eyed students through the house, not missing the opportunity to teach them a few lessons about cultural advancement. They transgressed the upper floors, and finally found the basement. It was the only room that the entire class, or school, could swim about in comfort as he gave his daily lecture.

"Today's topic," he said, "is the fables and beliefs of our race. Now, can anyone tell me what this place we are in is called?"

A young piranha wagged his fins rapidly and excitedly. "That's easy," he said. "This place is called a house."

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