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Uninhibited: Jackie and Viv’s Erotic Adventures

By Zaria Von Mars

Published by Zaria Von Mars

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Zaria Von Mars

Cover Illustration by Zaria Von Mars


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It was a sunny October day. Viv hopped out of the car, grabbed the grocery bags out of the trunk, and walked up the walkway to the condo, eager to see Jackie.

“Hey Jackie!” She entered the room, pushing open the heavy door with her bottom, keys jingling in the doorknob. Her arms were filled with brown paper grocery bags. She hated those plastic bags with the handle. Not that she was environmentally conscious, she just hated how flimsy they were.

“I’m in here, watching this Seahawks game.”

“Cool. I went to the grocery store.”

He got up and walked to the kitchen to help her put the groceries away.

They grew up together. Viv was very much a tomboy growing up. Her soft face, pronounced cheekbones, long, wavy black hair and almond shaped eyes were the only things that separated her from the boys. She was very athletic, and she loved playing basketball at the recreation center with Jackie and the other guys.

As a woman, she still had those cheekbones, those lovely eyes, and that smooth brown skin. Of course, she had developed some curves since back when they were climbing trees as kids. Very ample curves, indeed. She had a very nice set of legs, a round, curvy bottom, a small waist, and nice, small, firm breasts. Her hair was cut into a lengthy stylish bob that framed her face beautifully.

Jackie entered the kitchen. Jackie was a well built attorney and, up until the night before, a true lady’s man. He exercised quite a bit when he wasn’t working, usually in front of the television with ESPN on. He had a butterscotch complexion, and as a kid all the little girls had a crush on him. Lightskinned and wavy, they called him. The girls would bend over backwards just to get his attention and he began to expect it. But Viv didn't. That’s why they was so close when they were kids; he saw her as one of the boys.

As adults, they had both entered a few relationships with other people, but both Jackie and Viv had failed at their attempts at love. With Jackie, the women in his life came second to his career, and the women really couldn’t bear being mistresses when his true wife was indeed his legal profession. He was married once, but she ended up cheating and divorcing him.

After his marriage ended, he left his partnership at the law firm he worked for in order to open his own practice, which his ex-wife was very much against. His staff consisted of scantily clad women. And they all adored him.

With Viv, most of the men she dated were very possessive. Her last relationship was with a man named Donnie. He was very controlling and he turned out to be a compulsive gambler, an alcoholic, and at times, he was very abusive toward her.

So when that relationship ended she decided that she’d be better off single for a long time. Jackie, after his failed engagement, felt the same way.

Viv chopped up the vegetables for their salad while the spaghetti noodles boiled. His favorite meal was spaghetti and meatballs. Little did they know it would be their last meal.

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