His Daughter’s Best Friend

By Nicole Draylock

Copyright 2011 Nicole Draylock

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1 – In the Shed

Corina watched Jason go into the shed from her tree house. She could see the whole neighborhood from her vantage point. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to climb up to her old childhood haunt, but it had been a trip down memory lane for a time, before she had been distracted by the peculiar behavior of her best friend’s dad. Corina and Julia had grown up together playing in this tree, and though Julia was now off to some Ivy League college while Corina was staying home, taking care of her mother who was ill while she took classes at the local community college, they talked often, and she still visited almost daily with Jason and Vivien, Julia’s parents who lived next door.

She hadn’t been in the tree house in years, and the cramped space of the aging structure was difficult to move around in. She was feeling cramped and claustrophobic, and was thinking of crawling down and returning to her studies when she noticed Jason come out of the house, and slip into the shed in the backyard cradling his laptop under his arm. He had gone inside with a quick look around, not noticing Corina at all inside the old tree house.

It would undoubtedly have been wiser to simply go back in the house as she had planned, but Jason’s unusual behavior had made her curious, and she wanted to know what he was up too. There was a window on the far side of the shed, and if she was quiet, perhaps she could slip into Jason’s yard and get a peek at what he was doing that made him move so furtively across his own back yard.

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